Dr. Robert Atkins Memorial Page

Born Robert Coleman Atkins - October 17, 1930 in Columbus, Ohio
Died April 17, 2003 in New York, New York

He was one of the first and foremost medical professionals with the
courage and conviction to speak the truth about low carb dieting.
He did not bow down to pressure from the medical community or the
government. More impressive was the fact that he stood up to the
food industry that has intentionally developed a highly profitable
empire selling the world nutritionally barren, highly fattening
sugar based foods under the guise of health.

Dr. Atkins passed away after slipping on ice and incurring a traumatic 
head injury. His on-the-payroll critics, lacking both class and a
conscience attempted to blame his demise on his diet.

The successful strategy has long been that when scientific evidence is
lacking, stack the panel with "experts" who not only know there bread,
but also know which side it is buttered on. -- Dr. Atkins

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Happiness is a purple stick. -- Dr. Atkins

Farewell to the life saver

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